Favorite Quotes!


This is basically a repository of some of my favorite "Current Best Quotes"  that I don't want to forget when I replace them all the time.

Sentence fail... sorrs.

"Dude, if the boob size of  women I liked/dated/enjoyed was my grade point average, I'd be on academic probation right now."  --The Nerv

"You know how like a group of crows is called a murder? Well, a group of clitori is called a sorority."  --Krust

"Suspicions confirmed: both women and wild wolfdogs are attracted to the smell of bacon." --The Johann

"Do not try to order a Jewish girl a plate of bacon.  They do not like that.  Because they don't eat pork." -The Johann

"Send me some of my new Cubs shirts via priority mail.  The lavender one with the brown trim NOT the blue ones." -Dad

"My son just peed in his own mouth.  Either he was really thirsty or he's going to have great intonation." -Emily