Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Just Met, And This Is Crazy, But I'll Post Something...Maybe.

Sometimes when I haven't posted in a while it feels like I can't post because it would just take too long to catch you up on everything.  So, for your enjoyment, I present a random assortment of recent pictures from my iPhone. No particular order, and "just the tip" (as it were) of goings-ons, happenings, and shenanigans.

Worms is doing just fine, as you can see.  She really loves the "tin foil ball on a string tied to my tail" game.  Well,  sort of.

She got a little tuckered out though.

I have a new crush. Which is funny, because there are two girls close to where I live that actually sort of look like the T-Mobile girl.  One works at a vintage clothing store and looks very wholesome in her 50's style dresses.  The other is covered in tattoos and works at a dive bar.  Not sure which one I like more.

My buddy decided that he wants to bring back shorter shorts, make them classy and cool again.  He's about 9 feet tall.  I found him these.  See, men *are* helpful shoppers.

Found some interesting new books to read.

Borrowed my mom's truck.  Which is now MY truck.  It's got a cassette player, wing windows, and an electric lighter.  WIN.  (adorable cousin with sassy mean face not included).

I've been making some new friends on the Twitter.

And, as you can see, I'll never be swimming in a pool again.

Speaking of pools.  See the picture behind me?  That's at my friend's pool. I posed for this to show the resemblance.  Uncanny, right?

Big Gay thought he could sneak in some extra Cyclone and Cardinal shit at the BS while I was away.  I disabused him of this notion.

Pretty excited about this one.  We've decided to have a Jorts party, and I knew I'd have to have some killer accessories to win.  So I found this.  Wait until I add a mullet and some Milwaukee's Best!

This is kind of freaky.  This is Prometheus, the demon-spawned minion from hell.  He's attacked everyone in the neighborhood and spends the rest of his time staring at people with this god-awful screeching meow.  We thought our prayers were answered when we saw our neighbors giving him away to some (poor) lady.  A few days later, he was back.  There aren't too many cats that I would be happy to see get run over in the street, but...

I'm not even going to explain this one.  You can figure it out.

Still working on my Words With Friends.  Apparently we have different dictionaries.

And.... this goes out to all of you hassling me about not posting very often.  I'm working on it.

Stay tuned for a new series I'm working on for a friend. "Your First Year of Law School."  I was supposed to have it done in August, but lesson number 1 about law school is never do anything on time.  See the irony?

Caleb out.