What the peeps say!

 About The Blog Experiment:

"...often twisted, juvenile, absurd, and ever-so-slightly retarded." -Staci

"...besides the tingly voyeuristic feeling I get from reading it, quite entertaining. " -Stephanie

"...pure style of in-your-face amusement..." -Kathryn

"Your whole blog is completely ludicrous." -Lydia

"Yeah, I read it. I don't get it. It's like you're gay or something." -Dad

"...maybe a little bit crossing the line." -Lindsey

 "...This is some crazy shit. Not the blog post, because they're all pretty much crazy shit. But people actually wanting to hear what you have to say. And actual people, not just losers who laughed when you and Jenkins farted in the lounge in Russell [music hall at UNI]. Well done." -Neutron

"I definitely need to head home and soggy up my brain with some liquor before this will make any sense to me whatsoever."  -Vapid Vixen

"You, Allie and Becky all posting something new on the same day! It's like Christmas on crack!!!" -Kimberly

About Me:

"Yeah, you and the Universe seem to have a really healthy relationship.  I'm kind of jealous.  Though, I have my little three-way going with discourse and irony, so I guess I can't complain." --Kimmie

"All I have to say is: you should continue drinking."  --Manshopper

"Sometimes I wonder how anyone could possibly think that I'm dark when held in comparison to you. You sir, are the Prince of Darkness, while I am only a minion."  -- Lindsey (Broncosaurus Rex)

"Awww, you dark, twisty, stinkyfarty, bitter old man! I'll just hug you up, internet style." --Mollie

"I'm also wondering how you enter your home."  --The Housewife   

"Following a distress call from one of your neighbors, we would very much like to speak with you, concerning allegations of cat torture."  --Kage

About Dad (Writing The BS Report): 

"...he's like a darker, stoic, grizzled Seinfeld with a penchant for both elegantly crafted metaphors and farts"  - Krusty (aka the BFF)

Current Favorite Comment:

"My dog Juanita tends toward plumpness, and I believe in keeping dogs skinny, so I feed her almost nothing. Literally. Like, one piece of kibble and some dryer lint maybe. Then I take her on walks that she doesn't want to go on, and I end up dragging her behind me on her extendo leash like a fallen kite most of the time. Tough love."  -- Becky