Monday, August 9, 2010

Entry 71: Urine-Luck Happy Scampi

(Shit! Said I wasn't going to use that word!)

Er, Pooties,

There.  That's better.

Interesting bit of news today.  Apparently a lot of people take prozac, then a lot of people poop and pee, then that poop and pee gets into water supplies, and then shrimp (and other aquatic life) consume it.  Awesome, right?

It's not all good news though.  These happy-scampi shrimp get fucked up on this drug and act crazy.  They go to the light, which like any good movie plot is not a good idea.  Instead of dying and going to heaven though, these shrimp are just leaving themselves open to being eaten by light-dwelling predators.  They're also doing babies all wrong and not eating right.  But they seem really happy and indifferent about things.

Is it just a dosing issue?  I'm curious.  If I gave you way, way, way too much prozac would you yourself start to not care about getting eaten by sharks?  That seems good and bad in equal measure.  On the one hand, you've eliminated a fear and can live a fear-of-getting-ate-by-shark-free life.  On the other hand, if you didn't care about getting ate by a shark and put yourself out there, you're more likely to, you know, get eaten by a shark. 

I'm anti-getting-ate-by-a-shark so I don't know how to weigh in on this issue.

On a related (but not) note, I lost something this weekend and have been rageful about it.  I'm 95% sure someone took it, but there's still some slim possibility that I misplaced it.  Either way, I'm still mad about - even just typing about it.

I also put my first practice LSAT test score together... 76/100, which equates to about a 162.  And that's not taking all the sections together, either!  I need to go from missing 24 to missing 2 or less in a short period of time.  Sigh. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I finally destroyed the Zerg in Starcraft 2, but the last mission took me 8 tries.  If only I had that dedication to studying.

Later, Taters!

Caleb "Ultimate Terran Zerg-killer" Shreves


  1. Just how many people in America are on Prozac? Isn't it supposed to be land of the free? So're allowed Prozac but with all the freedom should come merriment yet? No need for Prozac.

    Also...who the hell is Zerg/what is Starcraft 2? And what is LSAT? Am I stupid/living under a rock/let off because I'm English and it's an American thing?

  2. So I read your past posts and now I know what LSAT stands for. Yeah that's not an English thing. Here you just apply and if they like you you're in. Awesome. No previous degree required, just some nice school results/experience/university access course under your belt and a nice personal statement.

    So how exactly am I supposed to judge my own general cleverness? Reckon I could take that test from over the pond? I'm sure I could give you a run for your money, "kid" or not.

  3. Ha! Cooter indeed!

    Have you been watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel or something?

  4. Maybe- give it a shot!

    click on the 2007 LSAT. Make sure you time yourself- that's the toughest part.

  5. Also, no- no sharkweek. I don't have cable set up. I use netflix and hulu.

    And... er... Douchebag. Was on my table (with my camera) after a night of excitement, and is now missing. There were only 3 people over at my house during the week, so unless someone else came over I know who to suspect.

    Remember my post about how mad I get when I lose things? This qualifies. I've put out a FB update that there will be no fun or hanging out at my house until both items are found/returned.

    I'm confident in its return.

  6. I had a feeling you had lost something that once belonged to me...

    Were you ever planning on telling me?!

    I'm taking all the compliments back, until you get him back. Or else, I won't be back.

    For a day or two.

  7. Sigh. Yes, I was. I only confirmed its absence as of yesterday. Before that I was optimistic that maybe I had moved it around or something. But no, I pieced the evidence together and realized it had to have been taken.

    1. I last used it the previous Friday. Friend was in from college, softball game, we filled it with crap but later I was tricked and it was replaced with some horrid apple-pucker concoction.

    2. 90% sure that, in the next few days, I tried it again (the apple pucker mix) and remembered thinking "yeah, weird- this is definitely not the brandy that I had poured in it on Friday. How did I not notice that?"

    So it had to be in my house after that weekend. My brother and his friend were over, as was The Lizard. I have emphasized to all three that, if this is joke, I'm not amused. It's also possible that someone came in sometime when I wasn't home and grabbed it.

    I have seriously canceled all fun until it is returned. At least a ransom note or something would have been appreciated!

    I hate having stuff taken. Hate it.

    Just ask- I'll probably give it to you anyway! But ask.


    Give me at least a bit of time to find it before you take ALL the compliments back!

    And I do have some pics already from his first week or two in town. Put those up soon!

  8. Pooty! Wahoooooo!

    The shrimp thing is pretty bizarre. Those poor, doped up skrimp! That, ladies & gents, is why I no longer take anti-depressants.

    Hopefully your item is returned. I've been crazy paranoid about getting stuff stolen recently since temporarily moving back home because the crime-rate in this town is through the roof. I just don't understand why some people do that.

  9. Interesting post. I am also anti being eaten by a shark. Are many peopel in the States on prozac? I know zilch about this.

    Kate xx

  10. Over 22 million people in the US were prescribed generic Prozac last year. And it was the 3rd most popular! So, figure 100 million people. All peeing several times a day. How could shrimp NOT get fucked up?

    Hopefully, Andrew. Hopefully.
    I've broken down my theories by percentage:

    50% taken by someone I know was in my house that week
    40$ someone I did not know was in my house took it
    5% I moved it somewhere in my house and can't find it
    3% I was drunk and forgot it at the bar, then hallucinated seeing it the next day at my house
    2% Somali pirates have taken it and I'll be getting a ransom note any day now.

  11. So before I read all the comments...I immediately thought...I've got it watson...I've crached the case...he's lost his virginity...

    Sidebar (in thematic accordance with your LSAT taking)...the virginity joke was really lame...until I read the comments...then it became really really funny...true story...have a reread.