Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Entry 67: Punches, Shooting, And Dreams


I feel like my original promise for the direction of this blog has been neglected.  When is the last time I told you about something cool you need to try or do?  A cool new product?  I'm going to offer the explanation of a 2 month bout of extreme alcohol intake and offer you a few things of interest in this post.

First, UFC 117.  Some of you out there might not be interested in watching sweaty men mash each others faces for 2 hours (though I'm sure others of you out there would be VERY interested) but let me assure you that even the most non-violent Prius-driving hippie would enjoy a good UFC fight if given a chance.

They're fun, and the fighters are so good now that it barely seems like a pummeling.  More of a strategic game of body-chess that involves fists instead of knights, elbows instead of rooks, and you win not by checkmate but by out face-punching another man.  Okay, poor analogy, but you get the drift.

Key thing to watch for on Saturday? (btw that's when UFC 117 is happening) The fight with Anderson Silva versus some-guy.  Many of you will know what it is to appreciate pure, artistic, and even beautiful skill in any endeavor.  Best janitor, best painter, best dancer; best anything!  It's great to watch a person at the top of their field.  That's Silva.

He's so much better than any other fighter out there that I would actually consider a 2 on 1 match.  That would be more fair.  But he's gotten into some trouble with the UFC owner for his attitude in the ring.  Noone really has the courage to come at him, so he kind of dances around the ring kicking legs and begging the other guy to hit him.  So there's some drama for ya.

Let's see... you gamers out there?  Starcraft 2!  I'm sure you already have it, but if you don't; get it.  It took Blizzard 11 years to make the sequel and- while frustrating to wait- it was totally worth it as they have crafted a beautiful game.  I teared up when I first saw a squad of marines firing their rifles at some zerg critters.  Ahh... beautiful.

Last, some movies.  Inception is fucking awesome.  I realized after watching it how long it had been since I had seen a really good movie in a theater.  I like most movies, and enjoyed many of the recent blockbusters, but this one was the best in years.  Plus; Leo!  So hot right now.

Speaking of Leo, also go watch Shutter Island.  Great, great movie.  A movie with a twist that you can see but still twists you when it happens.  That make sense?  No?  Then go watch the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Okay then- I think you're caught up on cool stuff.  And if you haven't bought a Keurig or subscribed to The Week yet... shame on you!

Caleb out.


  1. Ok yeah, one of my brother-in-laws got Starcraft, and we haven't seen him for a few days. Is this normal?

  2. I wanna see Inception but just...haven't.

    I watched UFC a few years ago & yeah, it was good. Just never got in the habit of it. I would probably like it more now because of my RAGE.

  3. I totally agree. It's inspiring to see someone so passionate about something. I feed off of these people.

  4. I like UFC, Inception, AND used a Keurig for the first time at the tire store!

  5. UPDATE:

    Well, I sweated a bit. I found several suckers willing to bet against Silva, so I had a few hundred bucks riding on his inevitable victory.

    However, the other guy came out strong and got Silva down on the ground. Each round. Silva fights mostly on his feet, and is nearly impossible to get down on the ground, so to see it happen several times was kind of... weird.

    It's not like the other guy (Chael Sonnen) was doing major damage or anything. Quite the contrary, despite having a positional advantage he was getting NO damage in on Silva and Silva's occasional strikes were so accurate that Sonnen's face was pretty busted up.

    That being said, if you can remain on top for the majority of a round you're probably going to get the points for that round. So, after 3 rounds of that, I realized that Silva had to knock him out or else he was going to lose!

    Well, he didn't in the 4th. In fact, it was halfway through the 5th and final round before things changed. Otherwise it was pretty much 4.5 rounds of the same shit. Then Silva wrapped his spider-monkey legs around Sonnen's neck and choked him out. Match over.

    He also claimed that his ribs were busted and that his trainer had asked him not to fight, but he did anyway. That "explained his slow start"

    Still, scary.

    And for Starcraft 2, I've now beaten the campaign (fucking hard!) and have moved on to playing online with my brother. Put in about 6 quality hours last night.

    What a nerd I am.