Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entry 78: Two-Fer Thursday!

Yes, you get back-to-backers today!

Last night I was out with The Johann. 

He tells a girl that they might be on the same flight out of town this weekend, because he (and I, though I'm not actually going) is going to Afghanistan.

When asked about Afghanistan, he claims that it's "customary" to wear short, short, short denim shorts with the pockets hanging below the cutoff point.  And that you need a pocketful of change ($4.45 to be exact) to ward off the Taliban, because they really like $4.45.

Also, you're supposed to grease your chest up and bring a spyglass.  When you step off the plane you're to stop, pull out your spyglass, and scan the horizon for Taliban. 

Oh, and also bring a nitelight he says.

Later in the evening, a girl (hammered) tells me that she's on Team America for sprinting.  I call BS.  She stands firm. 

Fast forward to five minutes later, shoes and socks off, with someone standing at one end of the (busy) street with their arms up.  Yup, we had ourselves a footrace, which I'm proud to report that I won handily- despite her early start. 

Then I conned girls into buying me beer.


Caleb "won a footrace" Shreves


  1. Does your friend make homemade short shorts? Because paying for them would be a travesty.

    He should pair them with an 80's style midriff baring mesh shirt, with white socks and boots. HOT.

  2. Housewife, have you been spying on me?


    Then how do you know what I was wearing yesterday!!?

  3. Stone Fox - but were you wearing an American Flag bandanna?? Cause if you were, than it was definitely you I was spying on.

  4. Of course I was! I just got back from the states! I've been assimilated.

    I've gone to the hospital due to an infarction from a Kripsy Kreme doughnut and... Go Cubs!