Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entry 69: I Do What I Want

No, seriously- I do.

I've been pressured into writing today, so I'm going to be grouchy about it.

I set a challenge for myself that I hadn't really publicly shared very much, but I think if I do share it I might be inclined to stick to it.

I'm going to take- and ace- the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).  Lofty goal, I know.  Do I want to be a lawyer per se?  Not really, but I have always wanted to take this test to see how I'd do.

It's kind of an aptitude test, and one that requires no outside knowledge.  That's the good news; the bad news is that it's fucking HARD and the time they give you is barely or not enough to even get to all the questions.  Perfect scores are rare- like, 1 in a 1000 rare.

Too high of a goal?  I don't know.  Why do it?  Ego?  Probably.  Maybe I just thrive on challenges.  People climb mountains right?  It's not like they left something there ("Where's my PSP?") and have to go back and get it.  They just get there, look around, say "yup." and go back down.  Whoopity doo.

So, this is my mountain.  I've taken some practice tests and realize that I'm woefully unprepared.  I am- optimistically- sitting at around the 160 level (it scores from 120-180) and the difference between even 5 points is tremendous.  This is going to take actual work and effort.

AND, for some reason my brain went into a time warp and I thought I had 245 thousand years to study.  Turns out it's more like 2 months.  Whoops.  I have practice tests and the interweb, but most rich kids seriously getting ready for this test plan a year in advance and have courses and tutors and other whatnot.

I gots a $10 practice test book and Google.  Hmm.

So there, now it's out there, and if I take the test and score below a perfect 180, you all can tell me what a failure I am.

Actually, you'll probably say "oh gee Caleb- don't worry about it!  You did great and could do even better if you wanted.  Plus it's not like you're going to law school or anything. Don't be so hard on yourself!"  You would all say that because you are all lame.  I'll have to take up hard-ass duties myself.  I'm always my best taskmaster.

Vaguely dirty?  Perhaps.

Caleb "probably going to drink Guinness tonight" Shreves

PS 69!!!


  1. 69 indeed...

    Keep us updated on that! I have a friend in law school & he said it wasn't too bad. But there was this girl I went to college with who was a complete moron & she failed. So just remember that.

    Seriously, she was a dipshit. One time I looked over at her just as she leaned against a box, it collapsed & she fell in (big box) (that's what she said).

    I took the GRE & did horrendous. Those types of tests blow. I know I'm mad smart (valedictorian) but I can't do standardized tests & get test anxiety generally.

  2. If you pass with flying colours, I'll send a hooker over at your door.

    I'll have paid her, obviously.

  3. You sound like my husband. He took it right after college without any prep, just because he wanted to find out how he could do without prep. Who does that? He had and still has no ambition to become a lawyer. Weirdo.

    P.S. He got a 161.

    Stone Fox - would that be like a hooker-gram?

  4. I think you're looking for an excuse to get stupid drunk. ;)

    I think you're crazy, but yes, it's a mountain.

    Good luck and all that other stuff. :)


  5. Yup

    if you pay attention to the way her tits bounce, you'll uncover a secret message. I've trained her that way. She's quite clever that little one.

  6. Wow... if I didn't have motivation before, I do now! Secret messages and all! I promise I'll pay attention.

    161 is pretty good. And yes, I will drink both in preparation for the test and as a celebration/commiseration. Win-win, right?

    I'm thinking of preparing for the test anxiety by wearing the same clothes every saturday the month before, using the same pencils, drinking the same coffee, etc., while I take practice tests.

    Should work, right?

  7. So here I was all prepared to come to your blog and be all why don't you ever post/blog?...only turns out...I'm the moron who hadn't actually subscribed yet...awesome...with that kind of awesome intelligence I know I'm going to do super off the charts rad when I take the GRE august 30th...I know it's a different test but perhaps I could tutor you...being that I'm so super sharp and all that...just sayin' boobs also have a secret message...but it's in French...which would require more studying so I'll just translate for you.

  8. my hookers are trilingual.

    English, French(quebecois) and telegramammary

  9. "telegramammary" Well played, Fox.

  10. Way to go SSD. I hear the GRE is tough... I recommend a hangover to help deal with test anxiety.

    Boobs speak French? Is there some joke in there about 'Frenching" boobs? Must be, right? Why can't I find it!?

  11. Andrew- I was thinking of your comment. I've taken a few practice tests under actual conditions (well, I won't be as hungover) with a timer and have found it way harder to concentrate.

    Is there like a brain weight-lifting program?

    Plus, it's hard to find any motivation. I'll go to study and say "nah, fuck it. I'm playing starcraft."

    That and the fact the half my life is either drunk and partying or recovering from drunk and partying.

    It's what I call a "fun disadvantage." Other people, who are not fun, have the edge over we fun-havers.