Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Entry 73: The Bank Teller


Last week I accidentally left my debit card in the ATM machine near where I work.  I went today to the bank nearby to see if they had collected it there.

I approached the young lady working at the bank counter who, though cute in a pancake sort of way, seemed very sad and unhappy. I explained that I lost my card and asked if she could check.  She did.  When she came back (with my card) I asked:

"How are you today?"
Her: "Fine."
Me: "Good.  'cause you look like your dog died or something."
Her: ::silence::
Me: ::blank stare::
Her: "No, I'm just tired today I guess."
Me: "Oh.  Okay.  'Cause I've seen more cheer in videos about the Holocaust."
Her: ::blank stare::
Me: "Well, see ya later!"

These are the conversations of my life.  A gentle wake-up call or a vastly inappropriate insult?  You decide!

Caleb "Seriously- the Holocaust sucked" Shreves 


  1. Oh my God, that is the best conversation EVER!!

    My B-i-l worked at a restaurant and had a Nazi of a boss, and when he told her working there was like working at Auschwitz, she asked him what that was..

  2. Obviously that job was sucking the life out of her. Or she was a bug wearing a human suit. You decide.

  3. I forgot to mention that, even though she was a skinny lass, she had FLAPS between her arm and chest. Like an old lady, even though she was young.

    Maybe that was what was dragging her down. Had I known I would have cheered her up by telling her "I'd still do 'er."

    I know, I'm a giver.

  4. Well I can't lie if someone told me I looked tired I might stop listening (and/or plot my revenge to pee in their pool)...but that being said...if she was listening...I can't believe she didn't crack a smile at that holocaust joke...that was gold!

  5. Poor girl. It expends so much energy to fake being nice.

    I was waiting to her to say that her dog did actually die. Awkward.

  6. What is cute in a pancake kind of way? (I am dying to know!) No boobs, flat butt, shapeless face? (and eww)

    IHOP Down home ordinariness, but with a certain appealing healthy quality?

    I really want to know!