Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Entry 148: My (cats!) Serious, Non-ADD (cats!) Side. (cats!) And, You Know, (cats) Keeping It Real. (cats!)

It's not often that I approach this blog as a serious outlet for sharing everyday happenings in my life.  But, seeing as how so many things have changed in the last month, I felt it only fair to open up and bring the "real" parts of my life into sharper focus.  So let's start at the "now" and work back to the "then," shall we?

Lolz!  This sign is a block from my house!  Creepers, right?

I'm living in St. Louis now, in a nice house that has a sweet balcony off my bedroom where I can read, chain-smoke, and drink coffee.  I really like spending time out there!  I've been reading George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, which is really good.  If you like nerd fantasy, it's the way to go.  And yes, it's the one that they have based the new HBO series Game of Thrones on. 

Look at this elephant painting I found!  Hilarious!  He looks so annoyed!

I'm in my third week of law school here at Washington University.  It's going well, but I think this first year is going to be a bit more work than I expected!

My friend's daughter got her hair highlighted- looks cool, huh? 

Adjusting to a new situation can be difficult, right?  Luckily I had the support of family and friends who all helped make my transition a smooth one.  Special thanks to mommasauros for helping get my house ready to sell, and to LJ for helping me set up my new house.  Couldn't have done it without you!

So I'm still trying to sell a few things from my house. Anyone need a trombone?

Here's a kind of funny story... when I got into St. Louis it was late -like, 3am- and I was exhausted.  I only wanted to sleep but I didn't want to leave my TV in the Uhaul all night so I brought it into the house, quietly.  Except my new neighbor woke up and offered to move his van if I need him to.  Oh, and he was shirtless, long-haired, possibly drunk, and his name is Wildcat.  No, that's his name.  And his elderly mother lives with him and drinks Beast Lite all day... her name?  Mama Wildcat. 

Or an organ?  It's in perfect playing condition!

One nice thing about a new school and a new city is meeting new people.  So far I've liked the other first year law students I've met- though they're all a bit younger than I was expecting.  A great majority are right out of undergrad (or close enough) and are only 22-23.  There's a few oldies like myself, but still.  That's kind of different! 

My friend (Turtlegirl) daughter again!  Dance!

Classes?  They've been really interesting so far.  All first year students take the same courses, so the classes are usually large- around 90 people.  The professors like to call randomly on students and stick with them for questions, so it's best to do the reading and be prepared.

Sorry- that last one was blurry.  This one's better.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't already had some drunken shenanigans occur.  I know you'd expect nothing less from me, and I haven't disappointed.  The odd thing is, the bars here are all different- some are open until 130, others 3am.  Some allow smoking in the bar, some don't.  Some are owned by quadriplegics that only bought one prosthetic limb so they can smoke camels all day, some aren't. 

Mini-Turtlegirl on her first day of school in a new town.  Precious!

While things have been good overall, there have still been a few rough patches.  I haven't slept quite as well as I normally do, which is strange because usually nothing interrupts my sleeping.  I've also inexplicably started losing weight, which for me isn't a good thing.  Some of you may know my "possible tapeworm" story from early undergrad, but I'm always suspicious of unexplained weight loss.  Hopefully it levels off.

You call this art? I call this barely-hidden penis porn.  Nice try, Dali.

Oh, right.  Some of you may wonder how I've fared so far in convincing Cardinal fans that they're headed to the dark side and to be Cub fans... well, as you'd expect, they haven't been very receptive.  For my first week here I was pretty sure my name was "...fuck off." 

 No seriously- this is the cutest pic ever, right?  Tiny girl in a big coat!!

And how's Ella?  She's doing well.  I think she likes the new house- though my roommate has a (cross-eyed) cat "Gnarls" and Ella is trying to establish her dominance.  I'm sure they'll be friends in no time.

Aww... look who's all tuckered out!

Okay, that's probably all you need to know for now.  Sorry about the break in blogging- it took me a while to get my shit set up, get settled, and get some free time.  Hopefully I'll be back to my semi-regular blogging schedule from now on!  As a sneak preview of my next blog idea, I'll ask this question: what does your voicemail greeting say about you? 

See you soon!

Thanks to great friends for being... great friends! 

Caleb "What?  What's weird about this post?  I don't get it." Shreves

PS Thanks to TurtleGirl for all the help editing these pictures!  You were right- there was something missing before!


  1. Lasers from the eyes? Like Laser cats from SNL?

    I heart St. Louis. I really hope you enjoy your time there!!

  2. Yup! Catpaint is some of the best .99 you can spend! It was funny, every other day my friend was sending me some new pic- with cats. They get funnier each time!

    And yes- I'm liking St. Louis so far! Did you grow up here?

  3. Haha, well. Glad the move went well. And I think all of these pictures could be the start of a great business. Every photo needs snazzing up. And why not do so with endless jumping and fat cats?? Millions, you make millions.

  4. Is it bad that I'm kind of jealous you used pictures of someone other than me?

  5. Thanks TGN- It's almost worth the time to create an entire page for all the photos she has sent me that are catted-up. Best. .99cent buy. Ever.

    Andrew- I can always... enhance some of your photos I've already used. If you catch my drift.

  6. I went to college at Truman State in northeast Missouri. I spent a lot of time in St Louis with friends that lived there. I go back several times a year. The best part, so much is free!!

  7. Glad the move went well :) I hope Wildcat and Mama Wildcat treat you well. I think you should take a picture of them for us to see. With cats. Of course. xxx

  8. St. Louis rocks- except for the whole Cardinals thing. And they've been having free shit around here all the time! Now if only the beer was free at bars...

    Laura- I just might do that. Today he sat outside, shirtless, drinking a beer and meditating. I like it.

  9. Yes!! Take a picture of Wildcat!

    Perhaps you should start meditating shirtless with him?

  10. So Wildcat has a dog. Last week he took in a stray that's been wandering around. The two dogs were in his yard, fighting. He tells me I should take the stray, cuz "he's real nice and they never fight!" As they're fighting. He sees the fight and spends minutes trying to break it up. Not working. So he pours his can of Milwaukee's Beast on the two dogs. That doesn't work either, but it sure was funny.

    Felt like I was back in Iowa!