Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Entry 104: Overload

One: the Hiccup Girl, Jennifer [I'm too lazy too google her last name] killed some dude.  Are hiccups a defense for murder?

Two: Charles Manson is up for parole soon and has always said that if he gets out he knows the town he's going to live in.  Guess how far it is from my house?  Less than 15 miles.  Why that town?  He says it's the one town in America where you could for certain get away with murder.

Three: The World Maid-Rite Eating Competition is happening here in town, soon. Do I join?  I don't even like maid-rites? 

Four: I have a lot of thoughts on wind-chimes and wind. Mostly stemming from the fact that my wind-chime is on the ground because it was blown there by- you guessed it- the wind. 

Sadly this cluster of activity is too much for me to process in any sort of coherent way, so I'm just going to walk away. 

Caleb "I hope Charles Manson doesn't kill me" Shreves


  1. Are you sure Manson won't be living IN your town? Because I'm pretty certain someone could get away with murder in your town. I'm convinced it's the twilight zone. And if i wasn't eschewing all bread forms i would TOTALLY join a maid-rite eating competition. DO IT!

  2. The good thing if Manson gets out is it'll provide with some good posts.

  3. Manson positions, that is the unknown

    FCI's Foreclosure Services

  4. Your MOM is the twilight zone. Suck on that.

    I'd probably have to start a separate blog just for our adventures together... "Manson and me?" I like it.

    @anon I love lamp?

  5. I spent half the night searching Google. Thanks, Jackass!

  6. I love the title of your future blog. Manson & Me. It sounds like a wacky sitcom.

  7. Please please please write the story of you and Manson and the hiccup girl at the Maid-Rite Eating Competition.

  8. Anyone heard anything in the news yet? I keep an eye out around town, but so far no sign.

    Lucky, the only reason that story wouldn't be written is that my hands were too shaky due to nervous excitement at the awesomeness of that post!

    Andrew- working on a sitcom with that title as we speak. I claim all copyright laws under the "if it's cool, it's mine" doctrine.