Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Entry 97: [Insert Clever Title]

 I know some of you are itching to Caleb-ize your own lives.  Here's a formulaic breakdown of my blog; feel free to mix and match randomly.

[clever salutation]

[offbeat introduction to random topic]

[clever references that show that I am aware of youth and frat culture, yet somehow above it]

[comment that is sexist, misogynistic, or blatantly womanizing.  Written equivalent of a cute smile to soften the blow and not make me seem too dickish to get laid]

[story of crazy friend doing something that makes me seem not so bad]

[anything to keep the attention on me]

[my name with a clever quote-thing for a middle name]

You're welcome!  Now go have fun.

Oh, kind of funny: this morning I saw a giant red billboard with a pack of cigarettes on it that said "killaz."  At first I thought maybe they were those mini-cigars that are getting more popular because they evade the cigarette tax and I thought "Hmm... maybe I'll have to try those!"

Then I read on and saw that it was a JEL (just eliminate lies) anti-smoking billboard, and the "killaz" brand is meant to be ironic and discourage smoking.

Advertising fail.


  1. Advertizing fail is right. The lost me at the Z (and lack of er). Plus that abbreviation is also retarded. I'm thinking JEL is made up of interns. Just sayin'.

  2. Not just intern, but sociology and education grad interns.

    They have a long career in Government ahead of them...

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