Friday, October 8, 2010

Entry 98: Nerves


Okay, now that that's out of my system.

Well tomorrow is test day.  I won't lie, for some reason I've been nervous.  I think it's because of the high pressure of the test- to get a top score there is NO room for error or a lapse of concentration.  And if you get a logic game you don't know, or a reading section that's dense and unfamiliar, or if the argument section has a lot of trick questions- you're down with the masses. 

Oh well. I've got my studying in, my sleep caught up, and my pill-cocktail ready to go.

And, since I've been (relatively) well behaved while studying, I'm planning on going on a Caleb-adventure tomorrow after the test.  So if I don't post anything for a while, I'm in jail and they won't give me the webs.

Wish me luck!

PS October's "I'm Telling Your Mom" is up.  Check it out!



  1. Good Luck!! (With the test and the partying.) PS, we'll have bail money ready.

  2. Good luck. And if you end up in jail, just don't bend over.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes. Turns out you didn't wish-well enough, as I didn't do as I wanted.

    Retaking it next Sat, though (Dec 11) so if you wanted to re-double your well-wishing efforts- go ahead!

    And I don't know why, but for some reason I can never get my dumb ass thrown in jail. Maybe I'm not trying.