Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Entry 96: The F*ck List

Check this out:

F List

This chick banged about a baker's dozen athlete dudes at Douche Duke University. She then put together a PowerPoint presentation putting up pictures and information on each dude, then assigning a point-ranking system from best to worst.

The names and stuff are currently blacked out, but supposedly that was done only after about 300,000 people had already viewed the page.

Facts: she apparently just created this for her friends, but word got out (as it is wont to do) and now it's fairly scandalous.

Yes, I took the time to read through everything.  Lessons learned?  Girls DO appreciate aggressiveness (duh) and size DOES matter, though other factors can mitigate a small-wiener situation (good news for some of my friends).

Here's the fun part- check out each picture (groups of pictures, actually) for each dude and then try and match up how you think he performed in bed.  Then, read each description and see if it matches up to your prediction.  I was way off.  The weiniest looking guy on their turned out to be the most violently alpha-male dude on the roster.  Who knew?  I thought I was better at gauging these things, but apparently my psychic powers only extend to knowing everything about chicks.

Speaking of, years ago playboy.com had a contest where you were shown over 50 pictures of just breasts- no faces, just breasts.  For each picture, you had seconds to determine whether they were fake or real.  The winner got all sorts of cool stuff (probably booby-related, which is super).  I was 1 point away from winning (high 40's out of 50 if I remember right).  Pretty bad ass, right?

Keep on keepin' on.

Caleb out.


  1. You like boobies, eh?

    This is my new obssession:


  2. It's not surprising that the weiniest looking guy was most aggressive.

    Has something to prove, over-compensation.

  3. I just did a post about this chick a few days ago haha

    You've made it more interesting by taking it upon yourself to match the pics to the scores before reading.Just goes to show...can't judge a douchebag by his faux hawk.

  4. I actually think I've met one of those guys before. Huh.

  5. Fox. You did NOT just ask me that.

    "can't judge a douchebag by his faux hawk."


    PS I'm claiming that as my own.