Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entry 95: The Janitors Freak Me Out

Hippies (better not be!)

There are two dudes that come around every day and vacuum, empty trash, etc.  One is mentally challenged (can we still say retarded?) and the other seems like a nice enough guy.  I hear them chatting it up with every chick within 300 feet of me, but they clam up and get weird when they are around me (or any other man, I've noticed).

What gives?  I always feel like they are pre-disposed to dislike me because I'm a guy.  Have other guys made fun of them before and they feel comfortable around chicks (who are usually nice ((read: wimpy))? Holy shit I don't know how to deal with a double-parenthetical situation like that last sentence.  I'm leaving that shit alone for now.

But anyway... yeah.  Getting weird, and frankly annoying.  I try and be nice and start casual banter, but they give short grunt-like answers (in fairness, the one guy usually grunts for most of his answers) and hurry on to the next area.  They look glum and almost scared when around me, but brighten up and turn into chatterboxes when they move one desk over and talk to a chick.


At first it was mildly forgivable, but now it's ventured into bothersome.  So I'm exacting some revenge.  First off, I'm going to start putting cups with liquids left in them in the trash (huge no-no).  Also, when they are in some other area with their vacuum, I'm going to unplug it when they aren't looking and act like nothing happened.

Watch me.

They'll change their tune!

Caleb "Yeah, I'll fuck with a retarded janitor!" Shreves

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