Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Entry 85: Odds And Ends


I thought today I would provide updates that maybe you've been missing out on:

1. Somali Pirates:  Recently an Indian warship thwarted an attempted hijacking with some commando action.  They disarmed the pirates, took their stuff, and- in Russian style- left them afloat without fuel.  This appears to be a credible danger for pirates nowadays.  Chinese bad-asses also repelled some attacks using machine guns and stun grenades.  Sucks to be a pirate.

2. LSAT:  This Saturday I took a full-on, 4 hour practice test in simulated test conditions.  No drinking, eating, etc. and no breaks between sections.  Grueling, but I got a 169 which is an improvement.  I don't know what's harder- the test or not getting hammered on Fridays.

3. My Cat: Ella (aka 'Wormy') was shaved a month or so ago to remove some fur matting.  The vet said she was too fat to clean herself properly (I dated a girl like that?) and told me to put her on a diet.  It's working and she's looking pretty slim.  I even saw her run one day last week.

4. Cougar-hunting: Double epic-fail in this regard.  One, I was out with The Johann and he asked for assistance in procuring a couple of cougars near us.  And these were not 'maybe' cougars- definitely 50+, though still slightly good looking.  I get us 'in' with them, we're laughing and having a good time, and when I come back from a smoke I'm informed that we (Johann and I) are no longer allowed to buy drinks.  Huh?  No explanation, nothing.  So I bid folks good day and we head up to some other bar.  The next day I happen to be at that bar again and ask my friend what the deal was.  She says that those 2 cougars complained to the bartender that Johann or I or both were hanging on them, not leaving them alone.  Since the owner was in the bar, and they're friends, we were cut off.  Important side-note: these ladies were literally hanging on our chairs, buying us drinks, and even at one point sitting on our laps.  I know that watching the last vestiges of your youth and beauty fade into the sunset must be depressing, but the lengths that some women go to to maintain their sense of desirability still astounds me.

5. My lawn chairs:  Destroyed by Cledus and PBR driving a stolen golf car through my hard.  They also rammed the cart into my house repeatedly. 

6. The Hometown: Had a successful labor day celebration, great fireworks, and the band continued playing on (outside) despite a tornado siren going off. 

7. New Stuff: Peter Hamilton is a great space-fantasy writer who I started reading last year.  His Void Trilogy is really good stuff and the final book came out this past week.  Highly recommended!

8. Random Ridiculous Behaviors: I left Krust a message containing nothing but me making Canada Goose honking noises for over a minute. 

9. Notoriety: Due to the enormous success of my National Anthem recording I was asked to sing live for the start of the Labor Day race.  Great success.

If you wanted a full-10 things on this list, tough!  Get over it.

Caleb "I want new lawn chairs" Shreves


  1. "I left Krust a message containing nothing but me making Canada Goose honking noises for over a minute"


  2. I can't get over it. I need the 10th piece of the list!

    And those cougars sound like some bitch-asses. Screw 'em (not literally).