Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entry 91: Laundry MIA


In a testament to my ultimate laziness, I have had clean and dry laundry sitting in my dryer for over 8 days now.  Just sittin' there, all dry, with only a minute's work between their purgatorial fate and the clothing-fulfillment that is a closet and dresser.  I just can't muster the willpower to take care of it.  I'm pretty sure that at this point it's a race to see who will get rescued first: my laundry or the Chilean miners. 


I found one of my first comments I ever posted.  It was in regards to a Men's Journal article detailing the levels of sports egos.  I noticed it because today, 6 months after I posted it, the author commented that I was spot on.  Comment was as follows:

Well wroted, Matt. Did anyone else wonder what they would do if they were super-talented, super-famous, super-rich athletes? I mean, "veritable mountain of stripper flesh" sounds a lot more interesting than "committed husband and father of two strapping lads not named after himself." I'd like to think that I wouldn't eat hot-dog buns full of cocaine and put a 5% spike in world condom sales, but who knows?

Caleb "i'm going home." Shreves


  1. I leave my clothes in the dryer for days, nay, weeks at a time sometimes. Then I usually have to re-wet them & dry them again to get all of the wrinkles out.

  2. Um... re-wet them? Dare I ask?

  3. Ha! Like I'm spray them with a water bottle or quickly run them under the sink.

  4. Isn't that why God made the dewrinkle cycle?

    If you don't have a dewrinkle cycle (and if you don't, I suggest you get one tout de suite (that's French, mofo!)), then a damp washcloth tossed in with the wrinkly clothes plus 10-15 minutes of a regular dry cycle works wonders.

    Not that you asked, but I am a mom and it's hard not to give advice.

  5. You would think my mom would have taught me that trick but no, she was the one who taught me to spray the clothes & I came up with running it under the sink when I didn't have a bottle. I don't even know if my dryer has a dewrinkle cycle.

  6. So I put in a wet towel and hit the wrinkle cycle. Then forgot about again for 2 more days. Now what do I do? Do it again?

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