Monday, December 13, 2010

Entry 115: Caleb Comments Part II

As I've stated before, there are numerous blogs out there (on the inter-webs) that are awesome.  Whatever your particular interests may be, I guarantee that if you search around for a while you will be amazed and surprised at the outstanding quality of authors out there who blog.  I've seen blogs about topics ranging from random hilarity to dating (mis)adventures to overcoming personal addictions and problems.  I've learned about music, about love, about law, and about the pains of infertility just to name a few subjects.  Whenever I come across a new blog I like to leave a comment of some sort, if nothing else simply to show support and say "Hey, yeah, someone appreciated your time and effort!"

I like to follow-up with comments I leave and often create online relationships with fellow bloggers because of this.  Also because of this I generally have an inbox filled with emails from automated comment trackers.  For your interest and enjoyment, and also to show that my less-frequent posting is in no way an abdication of my internet obsession, I once again present to you 10 famous* Caleb comments.

*"famous" is used here according to my own personal definition, and in no way represents actual fame or popularity

1. "Pants are overrated."
[    start simple, right?]

2. "I know of the emptiness of which you speak. Luckily for me I spread my
addictions out so no single one becomes all consuming. It's strange, but
I feel I set them on each other to keep them from attacking me!

I mentioned my favorite guy in a different comment (Wayne Dyer), and he
has a great quote about addiction that I really like:

"Addictions are never getting enough of what you don't want!"

True story.
[from the blog of a friend working on health and weight loss issues:]

3.  "What a Vag! I have friends like this and love toughening them up. I
would have volunteered a free re-write:

Yo Fuckers,

I be outta this hizzy fo sho. Goin' to make Mad Bank at a new firm- hope
y'all are jealous! If you want to get sloppy drunk and chase skanks with
me tonight, meet me at the bar.

25 cent."

[    Funny site compiling emails of departing employees]

4. "You're my kind of crazy.

My gift to nature is to litter. That way, people who want to walk along
ditches and pick shit up have something to do. When they do it, it
increases their awareness and commitment to the planet.

So: Me littering= people thinking about and helping nature= me helping

Also, white on black text makes me want to stab forks in trees.
[   funny site that vastly abuses the 'strike-thru' feature]

5. Ha!

Live a life of bravery. As you shop for condoms (assuming you're a
sailor), ask people around you what their opinions are. Take several
boxes to the checkout and ask if you can "mix and match."

Maybe even pay for them with loose change that takes forever to count

Why not? Not like everyone isn't doing it!


6. "Wow... guess I'm the lone voice of dissent here!

We all have an image of that 16 year old girl, swerving on the road as
she texts her BFF about nothing at all. We've all seen her- she's
everywhere. Also, like the author, we've all probably sent texts in our
cars before and been safe enough doing it.

Do we really want a law that bans texting? How do you enforce it? How do
you prove someone was texting? What about other habits that are
dangerous while driving? Do we have to create a law for each and every
possible dangerous activity? Laws against eating, drinking, looking out
the window, driving tired, driving distracted, driving past your
bedtime, driving while looking in your glove box, driving while
listening to the radio; etc., etc.

How about we all just say, "the law says you have to be responsible and
in control while driving." Wouldn't that cover it all?

Next you're going to want to force me to wear a helmet and seatbelt
because its "the safe thing to do." Oh wait.

"If you don't have the freedom to make stupid choices, then you have no
freedom at all." - Either my dad or some guy he heard it from"

[   funny chick about to embark on a legal career!]

7.  Don't be afraid of going on one date with a guy you're not sure
about. Free meal and maybe he's better than his profile would suggest. I
can go out and get ladies all week long, but transferring my coolness to
a profile and instigating something totally takes away my mojo. And I
needs my mojo.

PS swear to god- my verification word was 'putout'

[   funny and thoughtful gal, recently moved to London]

8.  "Love the picture. This guy rocks.

You're right though- with this kind of creativity and snarkiness, I
would have liked to have seen more.

Guess I'll have to go to the Rhino."

[not sure what the hell I was referring to...]

9.  "Well wroted, Matt. Did anyone else wonder what they would do if they
were super-talented, super-famous, super-rich athletes? I mean,
"veritable mountain of stripper flesh" sounds a lot more interesting
than "committed husband and father of two strapping lads not named after
himself." I'd like to think that I wouldn't eat hot-dog buns full of
cocaine and put a 5% spike in world condom sales, but who knows?"

[   mens journal- great stuff!]

10.  "Local buffet has a giant sign outside that says:

"Cherry Buffet"

I know, right?"

[my own   seriously- you need to be checking this out.  Probably better organized and more funny than this blog, with monthly updates on anything 'that's what she said' related] 

Well there you have it.  This is a small fraction of both my comments and the blogs I find, but it's long enough as it is (TWSS).  Hopefully you take the time to find some blogs out there that interest you!

Oh, and it must be pointed out that you DEFINITELY have to check out: 
Allie, the author, is an enormously funny and witty chick who writes funny stories with hilariously 5th-grade style drawings.

And for those of you who think a comment-post like this is a cheap substitute for substantive writing, F off.  This is a pain in the butt to put together.


PS retook the LSAT this last weekend and once again pillaged the local community.  



  1. Ha! I was going to comment even before I saw that you posted your comment about a post on my blog! (I had to go back and read that sentence to make sure it was right).

    My one question is: so do you save your comments for posterity or bookmark them to go back and read your genius? ;)

  2. Okay, I just digested your sentence and I think it checks out.

    You know how when you subscribe you get automated emails showing your comments and any follow up comments? Yeah, I archive those. I tend to forget to see if authors followed up with me unless I check their site regularly.

    LSAT style: If I check a blog often, then I am aware of follow comments to my comments.

    So since I check your blog often...

    Yup. You got it!

    PS I see there's a rally in London for Julian Assange. I'll look for you in the photos online.

  3. Caleb, what's with the links not clickable? I have to copy and paste?
    Too much damn work. Sorry, people that Caleb comments on, I won't be reading your blogs because Caleb was too damn lazy to make links.

  4. Hyperbole.5 (as my friend & I type it) is one of my favorite blogs ever. She is an awesome writer & she basically makes me want to kill myself because of how much better at blogging she is than I am. Except that I update more frequently.

  5. @anon Suck it, lazy. And if you email subscribe then the links work. Bonus.

    @Andrew Yeah, she isn't very regular (heh) but I think the drawings add a lot!

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