Thursday, December 23, 2010

Entry 117.5: Guest Post From Melanie!

Peeps- I've turned the reins over to a cute Cali-girl/accountant (didn't know they had those, did ya?) with a great blog you should check out here.  It's part of a blog-swap, which is both dirty sounding and fun, and if you want to read my post on her site it's here.  Enjoy!

Hi! I'm Melanie. I get to hi-jack Caleb's blog for one post (Many many thanks, Caleb!)  You'll find my blog to consist of the random happenings of my life. Some of those happenings are self-inflicted don't let connotation fool you, those are not always painful self-inflictions. Some of those happenings tend to be random perfect time-perfect place situations. Albeit, my blog started as a documentary of the accomplishments in my bucket list, it has now become Melanie's random posts from the past to the present. The following will be another random post.
I love participating in prank calls. In college, I called a random guy’s room and asked him to be my date for a school event we had. Background info: There were two showings of the event; both my roommates had already gone to the first showing.
 I didn’t think the guy was going to show but my roommate did. She was eager to meet this random fellow and don him as her date felt badly for the guy (she didn’t know) and drafted herself to meet him. (BTW, she already went to the earlier event) (Mind you, roommate didn’t know what the guy looked like because I, the prankster didn’t ask for characteristics) Roommate waited outside the event for random guy.
Roommate returns after the event.
Me: Hi! How’d it go?
Roommate: He didn’t show or I couldn’t find him. Thanks to you I had to see it twice!
Me: Oh no. You volunteered yourself! I didn’t force you.
Roommate: I couldn’t let him get stood up!
Me: Oh please! You didn’t even know if he was going to show up. You didn’t even know what he looked like!
Roommate: He could’ve been cute!  
Me: Ok, next time, I’ll find a cute one for you, for sure!

Another time, we received Valentine’s cards from random guys. Yup! You guessed it. I called them. I talked on the phone with them and set-up my roommate on a date! (She agreed to the set-up. We looked in the yearbook and she picked out the guy, LAME, I know)
My roommate ended up crushing on random Valentine guy (big time) but he didn’t return the sentiments.
One of these days, I will randomly dial a phone number and ask for a blind date since no one is able to set me up on one.


  1. Thanks Melanie! Good writing, though I'd hold off on calling strangers for blind dates for now...

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Another great post Melanie. I really enjoy your posts. I read over Caleb's post on your site and it was good too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and now that you have a guest post under your belt, you know what that means.

    You have to guest post for me!