Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Entry 122: An Old, Old, Wooden Ship.

Used during the Civil War.

PS if you don't know what movie that's from, go put your head in a microwave.

I've been busy so I thought I would update you on The Haps:


I received my score (finally) for my second run of the LSAT and kicked its monkey ass.  Hence,  I've been busy throwing together applications and picking out law schools.  Here's what is kind of funny about this:

After you sign up for the LSAT, you start getting emails from schools telling you to apply there because they've waived the application fee (usually around $75).  These are usually the "St. Mary's School of Law/Tire Repair Center" sorts of schools, so they go straight to the garbage bin.

After my first test- which was good but not great- I started getting emails from at least some respectable schools.  Granted, some schools never waive their fees for anybody, but I was still getting the suspicion that scores are released to schools ahead of any applications.

After this test, which rocked, I've been getting top schools offering to waive their fees.  Good deal, right?  But do I really want to go to UCLA or Virginia?  Not particularly. 

But here's the funny part.  I received an email from the University of Alabama law program (craptastic from what I've read) and was going to delete it, but first I saw this gem:

If you apply, we’ll:

1. Waive your application fee, and
2. Present you with 20 free music downloads on iTunes® 

Seriously? Bribing students to apply with iTunes downloads? 

#2 Crossfit

I went to one 'test' workout, got my ass kicked, and have since gone to another (for another ass whooping) and signed up.  It's ridiculously expensive, but an awesome workout and some of the chicks there have legs/asses like I've never seen.  Sorry, but it's the truth.

#3 Riding A Bull

I won't be providing an explanation for this one.

I've also drank for 6 nights straight, made fun of a girl for having puffy cheeks because I didn't know she had Crohn's disease, had the best cup of coffee ever, slept on a wooden floor with my coat as a pillow, and had my car crunched in a hit-and-run.

Maybe it's time to calm down life a notch.


Caleb "My poor car"  Shreves


  1. I had a professor with Crohn's disease. He was a douche.

    I would apply just for the iTunes download deal.

    Care to elaborate on the hit & run?

    Also, congrats on the LSAT score.

  2. Shit, now I've gotta go microwave my head.

    Congratulations on the LSAT - hope you find a great school. Even if they don't give you free iTunes. That's the weirdest thing I've heard in a while! I like that they won't just give you them - they'll "Present you with" them. That's gotta be worth at lest another $2.

  3. No fricking way!!! Itunes?? You mean that didn't make you stop considering all other schools and run to the Bama one? LOL!! Their marketing team is truly retarded.

    Congrats on passing the LSAT, and with a good score. I think I totally punked out and never pursued it for fear of the *gasp* averaged scores.

    Ditto what someone else said about he poor Chrone-y. Knew someone who was always flushed and was a moody little bastard, so I'll give you a pass on laughing at a special person.

    As for your drunkeness...okay, as long as you didn't wake up with your underwear missing or anything.

    Hit and run? You better have been the hit and not the one who ran!

    Oh yeah...my eyebrows are singed from the microwave. I didn't get it either. =)

  4. Anchorman!

    Ed- "The station has complained about a lack of diversity on our news team."

    Champ- "What in the hell is diversity?"

    Ron Burgundy- "I think I have this one. Diversity was an old, old wooden ship, used during the civil war."

    Ed- "Ron, I doubt if the station would be concerned with the lack of an old, old wooden ship."

    Thanks all!

    PS I was the victim of the hit-and-run.