Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Entry 125: Yale Comedy Club


I've sent out some law school applications this past week, but I haven't sent in my application for Yale yet.  It's the highest ranked law school on planet earth and their admissions office is, of course, ridiculously selective.

One of the procedures for applying to Yale is the addition of a 250 word essay on whatever you want.  As you may guess, "Whatever you want" is a dangerous phrase to use around me, so I have decided that I am going to write a ridiculous essay that shows no skills other than avoiding boredom and complete irreverence.

The good news?  You can pick it.  No, serious.  If you throw out any idea for an essay topic, I will work to write something "caleb-style" on it and add it to my application to Yale.  Technically my scores and the rest of my application give me a chance at acceptance, so your topic suggestion could very well be the difference maker for me.

My only condition?  Just kidding.  I have no conditions. I originally thought about something with zombies, but then remembered this earlier post.

Other than that, I can report on the following updates:

1. Bears sucked last weekend.
2. I am bowling this Saturday.  Fucking. Bowling.
3. I have successfully survived 2 weeks of crossfit. 
4. My cat, when hungry, plays at being passive-aggressive and will "accidentally" knock over things that she otherwise never touches
5. I visited the Northwestern Law campus and had an interview with an admissions officer.  She was a good-looking, bitchy asian chick.  I seriously felt like I was wasting her time, and she proved to be impervious to my charm.  I can only assume she had some form of autism or something.

Caleb out!


  1. I think it's clear that it should be about why they should go skydiving soon! Unless your goal is to be a totally irreverent applicant (you seem fearless in the face of Google!) in which case my essay title would be "Why I want to go to Harvard."

  2. How about, you want to go to Yale so you can get a trophy wife?

    But skydiving might be more interesting...

  3. A double edged sword - whatever you want but narrowing down the whatever you want TOPICS, yikes!

    Most PS's should be of some cheesy and endearing story about yourself and something you overcame, right?

    Current events would probably NOT be what they're looking for right?

    I'll check back if something good comes to mind

  4. You've probably already done this by now (I'm a little behind reading hopefully I'll see a post with the essay soon ;) PS LMAO of impervious to your charm/must have autism.