Friday, January 28, 2011

Entry 126: Maybe You Should STFU.

Global warming. 

Though we are still working on a better understanding of global warming and its consequences, there are already people out there who are quick to blame everything bad on global warming.  Heat wave?  You probably should have recycled.  Tornadoes?  That's what you get for driving your SUV.  And maybe that hurricane would have stayed put if you had switched to CFL bulbs. 

And don't get me started on the woman who blamed global warming for a raccoon farting in her yard.

The point is, I think these people are the same people who hassle others for smoking.  For these hasslers, every time a person coughs, trips, gets laid off, or spills their drink- smoking is always the culprit.

"Maybe if you didn't smoke so much!"  Is their battle cry.

Well, it gets old hearing it.  Contrary to the hip urban youth seen on JEL commercials, smoking actually is cool.  That's why people do it.  And, as Lois Griffin says, "If she smokes, she pokes!" So it's also a bit of a chick getter.  I don't mind a person having their opinion, but I do mind when they share it with me, unsolicited, over and over.  I'm pretty sure that every time someone tells me to quit, a kitten dies.

I can't totally blame these people.  I know that their heart is in the right spot, and after some reflection I've realized that I, too, am a problem-solving advice-giver.  When someone talks about a problem or issue they are having, I am the first one to try and offer up a suggestion of what they should do.  But if smoking only teaches me one lesson, and teaches it well, then the whole thing has been worth it.  What have I learned?  This:

There you have it.  Next time you are about to give someone some unsolicited advice, just remember this post and think. "Maybe I should STFU."



  1. I feel the same way about breastfeeding. STFU-leave my tits alone.

  2. Agreed. While I'm not a smoker, keep your opinions to yourself! Nagging isn't going to make the person stop. Only death by lung cancer will achieve that.

  3. It's only because they care about you. If they didn't, they'd just let you smoke and celebrate at your potential early death. Just saying ;)

  4. Is this post directed at me??? It is only because I fear for your life during a rough crossfit workout.

  5. No- this is directed any everybody who ever hassles anyone about anything at anytime. Myself included!

    Though you do tend to blame my sucking-at-working-out on smoking rather than my general lack of workout endurance. Maybe if you had a root vegetable or two you would think clearer?

    Cindy- not sure if you're talking about strangers or the baby, but either way: they can STFU!

    Stupid loud babies.

  6. lol! i'd love a root vegetable - preferably deep fat fried...