Thursday, June 24, 2010

Entry 42: Caleb Loses Track Of Blonde Girls

It all started when I saw a tall, cute blond in an area adjacent to where I work (The Babe Nest).

While cute, this chick sort of had a "I'm a badass" vibe which- while kind of hot- made it seem like it would take some work to capture. Another interesting thing is that she appeared to be different heights on different days.

No.. wait.. there's two!  Whoa.  Okay, evaluated the new blond.  Shorter, prettier, face not quite as good as Tall Blonde.  Friendlier seeming though, so she took over status as "girlfriend" (no, I don't even know their names).

While researching the "girlfriend," I became confused when her hair seemed to be different lengths on different days, and why she sat in two different desks.

No... wait... there's another one!  Cripes man!  I haven't gotten to see this new chick yet, but I saw "girlfriend" today and she has officially been upgraded to an 8.  Yes, an 8.

Then, I find out this week, that there is ANOTHER girl who is cute over in The Babe Nest .  I give up- this is getting ridiculous.  The only saving grace of this new girl is that she is a brunette and easily identified (I've only glimpsed her once and can't speak to her number).

So, to recap, there's:

Tall, Snooty Blond: Not seen recently, definitely give her one though
"Girlfriend" Blond: Hotter by the day, initial research suggests she may have a fiancé (probably a douche)
Decoy Blond: Only recently confirmed to be different than "girlfriend," no real recon on her yet.
Brunette:  Sorry Charlie- too late to the party.  Have to do research to see if she's an 8+ or not.

Ridiculous, right?  I've gotten so confused trying to keep these girls straight that I gave myself a headache.  I think I'm going to round them all up one day, line them up, give them name tags, and make my selection(s).



  1. Caleb, you need to get on this name tag thing quickly before they all join the company softball team and show up in matching uniforms.

  2. I know, right?

    It's frickin ridiculous.

    At least I decided on the one blonde as "girlfriend" so I don't have to wonder about that. Easy choice though, as she has what I like to refer to as "smoking hot rear section" if you know what I mean.

    Man I'm sleazy.


    Behave yourself!

  3. It's confirmed now that there are indeed 3 blondes. A good friend of mine just got back from a 6 month absence and works in that area, so I'm hoping to set her loose on Operation Hook Caleb Up With Hot-Bodied Blonde.

    Status will be forthcoming.

  4. Over a week now and still no progress from my friends.

    AJO and Sis? Time to step up your game.