Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entry 45: Caleb Dated A Girl Like That

I drive a Dodge Charger.

I have two garage doors.

One day, I says to myself, "Self, why don't you ever park in your garage?"  Then I cocked my head and looked at my garage doors, and realized that they are both- for some reason- undersized.  Like, maybe the width of my car.


So I'm drinking Bud Light one day and I decide that, no, my car will fit; I'm just not trying hard enough.

I spend 20 minutes clearing out the space in my garage and then start trying to ease the big Hemi Dodge into the small opening of the garage.

Wait... too close.  Back up.  Try again.  Almost... Nope.  Too close.  I back up, try again, back up, try again, over and over until I finally ease it into the garage with about 1 inch to spare on either side of my rear view mirrors.

I exit the car, stand back and beam in congratulatory appreciation, then say the phrase:

"Yeah, I dated a girl like that once."

Hence, the phrase was born. 


  1. I sure admire your can-do attitude!

  2. Bet you didn't have as hard a time getting out of that girl as you will that garage :-p

  3. I totally didn't even know what a Dodge Charger was. I had to Google it. If it was that good we'd know about them in the UK you know...

  4. UK is behind. They call soccer "football" for crying out loud!

    I stayed in the garage a lot longer than I stayed in the girl though.

    What a romantic, I know!

  5. My garage is too small for my car to fit. Instead, I rent it to my neighbor so he can keep his lawnmower and snowblower in there. In exchange, he does my yardwork and snow removal.
    How does your story of garage-fitting apply in this situation?

  6. Again, I think "I date a girl like that" would still apply. Maybe even funnier!