Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 23: Name of the Year

Mes Chers Amis,

Today we's gonna keep it simple. Do you ever hear or see names that are
just utterly ridiculous and you wish you could share them with the world
for a good laugh? For instance, I work with a guy named "Dick Burns."
Hilarious, right? We just wish that there was some way, some site or
something, that would compile a list of the world's greatest names and
lay them out for us. If only... wait... yes... the internet! As more
proof that all of the world's problems are solved by google, I've
discovered a site for you that collects the BEST names of all time and
pits them against each other in an NCAA-style bracket for people to vote
on each year. Check this shit out:

If you are too lazy (and I know some of you are) to click even one more
link, I will provide you with a few past winners and some of my
favorites. Remember, all of these names have been verified as true and
accurate (to the best of the Harvard nerd squad that runs the sites
abilities). Here are my favorite 5:

1. Doby Crotchtangle
2. Nimrod Weiselfish
3. Tanqueray Beavers
4. Princess Nocandy
5. Vanilla Dong (wait- I think that's #1)

Go check that shit out for yourself; there are some good ones out there!
And if you happen to be a Hawkeye fan, the recently-drafted Hawkeye
linebacker Pat Angerer has made the list and is in a first round duel
against Pencilman Jeffries so get out and vote! Go Hawks!

PS Hawkeyes have been ranked #5 in the new SI poll. Very nice.

PSS on my 'top 5' list, there are only three words that have not been underlined in red as not in the dictionary. Nimrod is a word? I thought I made that one up.

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