Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 24: In My Defense and Movie Review Corner

This is some bullshit. I commonly receive the criticism "Caleb you're
too picky with girls." F that, yo. It just seems that way to the
uninformed (read:girls) because I have an ability to notice things
others don't. So when I point out every single flaw and detail of a
girl and then make fun of her in my fake-girl voice (yes, it's the same
voice for all girls and yes, it's because you all sound the same to me)
then it seems like I'm being picky. Not true! I'm an equal opportunity
employer who is willing to throw down in a shag-athon with lots of
babes! So back off.

Let me boil it down for those not yet convinced. I'll just take a girl
who is hot, smart, and funny. I might even be willing to bend on those
last two.

Oh, oh! Caleb's "Movie Review Corner":

Nightmare on Elm Street (the new one)

Here's a recap for you who (smartly) don't want to pay 9 bucks in a
theater for this one. Young people (poorly acted) who you know nothing
about or care nothing about fall asleep and are murdered by a burned
dude with steak-knife hands for seemingly no reason. Oblivious,
possibly retarded parents seem to have a secret of sorts. Hot girl is
murdered early, you get pissed. Crybaby characters (the chick was
almost as annoying as the chick from Twilight) ((PS remind me to do an
entire blog one day about how I HATE Kristen Stewart's face.) are left
with you till the end. Turns out, Freddy molested them as kids (uh,
creepy.) and the parents burnt him. Yeah, I don't get it either. The
acting is ridiculous and I think Sam Elliot did the voice for Freddy.
Not sure what to think about that.

Anyway, get smashed and see it on Netflix.

Behave yourselves, kids.

PS Smoking Friday!

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  1. PS I forgot one of my favorite names from yesterday: Jew Don Boney, Jr.