Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Blog Experiment

I was Stumbling around on the internet and came across a good idea. What if you created a blog, wrote in it at least several times a week, posted to it all the interesting internet things you found, and did this for a month? Looking back, what would you find that you were most interested in? Would you find a career idea that fit you really well? I was going to try this experiment myself but I remembered that I agreed to not be a porn star so I backed out. The end.

Just kidding. I think this is a decent idea so I'm going to try it out. Here is going to be the basic layout:

1. Cool stuff you need to have/do/try
2. Things I thought of during the day that are funny to me
3. Philosophical thoughts

We'll start out today with one from category one: cool stuff. Have you heard of stumbleupon.com yet? When I said I was "Stumbling" around on the internet earlier did you immediately smile, nod, and think to yourself "Fo sheezy- I'm picking up what you're laying down!" and give me an imaginary fistbump? If not and you want in on this crazy-cool awesomeness, then go to stumbleupon.com right meow and give yourself the best internet treat you've had since you finally went 100% Google! (Seriously- how long did it take you to figure out that "Jeeves" didn't know shit?)

What is stumble? Basically, we all know there's a bunch of kick-ass websites out there, but we just gaze vapidly at the nearly-blank Google search screen, unsure of what to do (you know you do). Stumble solves all that by hopping you to random web pages that are awesome, based on your interests and likes! How does it know a site is awesome? Because you say so. I know, right? If you like a page that you Stumble onto, then you click a little thumbs-up symbol. If not, thumbs-down. If only meeting chicks was that easy. As more and more people thumbs-up a page, it become popular and gets stumbled on more! Seriously- the internet is the awesomest thing the planet has ever known (I would say "except for Vera Farmiga" but the internet has her, too) but we only ever see a tiny fraction of the crazy awesomeness out there. Time to put your stumbling hats on, folks!

Shreves out.


  1. Dude, you're an idiot. With that said, I will most likely still be compelled to check out your blog each day and make some smartass remark on it about how you have no life. So you have basically sucked me in to your pathetic existence without my consent. Ass...

  2. I know, right? (to both comments)

  3. What Luke said. Kind of.
    Also, you remind me of Barney Stinson.

  4. Holy Mackerel! (literally and as a form of address). Did you really get all the way back to the beginning? If you can prove you read every post I'm going to have to give you some kind of a super reader award. That's awesome. Weird how it changed over time, huh? I literally started this just to see if anything popped up in a month for a career idea, but it turns out I just want to draw crude pictures and make fart noises.

    And, I had to look up Barney Stinson. Would you believe I've never seen the show? And, did you know he's really gay in real life? Weird.

    I'm seriously contemplating an award right now.

  5. I did, I did :) I don't know how I'd prove it (maybe you should make your followers take a quiz or something?) but I would love a super reader award!
    Well, apparently crude pictures and fart noises work for me (and at least another 110 people) so keep at it :D

    Whaa...???? Watch it! Yeah, it IS weird that the guy best known for his Barney Stinson role is gay.

    Ooh, The Blog Experiment Facebook page! Love how your header keeps changing!