Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 16: Movie Quotes, Skirts, and The Advice Column

Figured out the difference between men and women yet? Someone today
told me the difference between girlfriends and wives... 25 pounds.

Watch "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock. She ROCKS that white skirt.
When I claim that I am a "skirt man" (as opposed to a boobs or ass or
face man), that's what I'm talking about. Plus, I love the character
she plays. Bitchy, bossy, opinionated, assertive, anal-retentive,
ultra-organized, and always dolled up. Male chauvinist? Perhaps.

Some jerk quizzed me on a movie quote that I can't figure out. The
quote is : "I shall call you Caleb; I've always admired that name."
What movie is it from!? Help!

Update #1: I'm going to start a "Dear Caleb" advice column that strives
to "keeps it real." So, I'll be accepting your questions and problems
for a week or so and then featuring them in this blog. Send it to my
email or post it as a comment! Trust me: my advice is gold.

Update #2: I have an upcoming date with, you guessed it, a girl. I'll
give you the skinny when it goes down, but I'm going to make a pre-game
prediction right now that she is going to be a bit obsessively clingy.
I have no evidence to support this theory yet, but I have a gut feeling.
I want to go on record now so that, if I'm right, I have proof of my

Also, I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite terms ever: No
Value Added (NVA). You know the type of people that add absolutely NO
positive contributions to work (or life, sometimes). Use this term
sparingly so that it retains its power. i.e., I know of only 2
true-blue NVAs. One day maybe I'll share the story of monkey-thumb.

Peace out, girl scouts.

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  1. I have the answer to the movie trivia: Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford. Finally!