Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Entry 56: Why Friends Rock

Fellow slackers,

For whatever reason, I've decided to forgo my usual irreverent and idiotic form of entertainment and display what I like to call "actual thoughts."

Two very good friends, whose names both start with a K, had birthdays this week so I thought I would talk about why they rock and why having awesome friends is awesome. 

First K:

Everyone likes to have someone that they can argue and bicker with, agreed. Every once in a while though you meet someone who really, really likes to bicker with you (though they may argue this fact with you).  So much so that you lose track of the times that they're no longer even talking to you (I'm going to guess around 13)?!

However, often these people are some of the best mirrors you'll ever have into your own personality.

My friend Kimmelia Earhardt is one of these types.  Because I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Fuck off, Shreves" from her mouth or how many times she's said something in anger and stomped off.  The thing is, often what she says rings true in my mind for days and weeks and I end up reflecting on my own behavior and usually make a personal change for the better.  What greater gift could a friend give you?

She really tries to see me for me.  She is the type who notices things about you that you thought no one even cared about.  She calls your BS, keeps your assholery from going too far into the red, and even occasionally leads prank-parades to your house.  Only the very best type of friends will be honest with you all the time, and Kimmie is one.

She's also one of the most idiotically dependable and loyal people I've ever known.  And a lot of fun, too. This is the type of girl that would happily grab a shotgun and hop in the truck with you to go kill a cheating husband.  Or go rescue kids out of a bad home just based on your word that it was so.  She would do any favor, be there for you any time you ever asked, and would give up her own house and home to you if she felt you needed it.  When people speak about the 'quality' of a friend, they're talking about Kimmie.

When you have a lot of friends, you're going to see them come in and out of your life.  But there are a rare few who seem to have a life-long bond and feel almost like a family member.  Hang on to these types of friends, readers, for they are special.  I'm sure glad I have this one, and wish Ms. Kimmie a very happy birthday!

She's still not allowed to drink schnapps, tequila, or whiskey when she's arguing with me though.  And she'll never be as good at the double quiz game, despite what she might tell you.

Second K:

"Krust" holds some sort of world record for meteoric rise of friendship-level over a short time span.  I've barely known her for two years, yet she is one of the closest people to my heart I've ever had. She's so much like me in many ways that we sometimes pretend we're sister and brother when we're out. 

We all have layers to our personality.  We speak more openly with some than others, and we hide certain things about ourselves from certain people.  If you are very, very lucky however you might one day get to be blessed with the amazing type of friendship I have with Krust where you can truly and openly be yourself. Where you can open up even the darkest corners of your soul to someone and not be afraid of what they'll think.  Experiencing that kind of unconditional acceptance is liberating, moving, and so valuable that I don't even know how to describe what my life would be like without her.

Krust is amazingly funny, witty, and intelligent.  She is reasonable and tough yet has traces of a vulnerable feminine side that she tries to hide.  Most of the time.  She is beautiful, engaging, and has taken some hard knocks from life but always emerged stronger and wiser.  She is cynical and snarky, but when you dig down a bit below that she is one of the most inspirational and hopeful people you will ever know. 

She has been my friend, confidant, counselor, wing-man, travel companion, coworker, and even occasionally a second mom.  (not that she's old!) She's put up with every extreme of my personality, from ego-maniac to whiny baby, cocky womanizer to judging jerk, wise old man to juvenile punk.  She is one of the only people in my life who has ever successfully seen every facet of my personality and never lost sight of who I really am. I've never felt awkward, unsure, or down around her. If you take a look at the friendships she makes in her life, it's obvious that I'm not the only one who notices this and she has a fantastic crew of friends whom I'm sure would all agree with everything I've said about her.  She is a one-of-kind friend who adds immeasurable
value and joy to your life.

I wasn't born with a sister, but now I've been blessed with the greatest sister and friend a person could ever ask for.  Happy birthday, Kristy!

And to all of my great friends out there who have made me such a lucky person, I say thanks!  I may act independent and strong, but I guarantee that I wouldn't make it a single day without all of the support and
friendship that you have all given me.

Cheers to great friends, readers.  They're the best gift you'll ever get!



  1. You make me want to go hug my friends.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Happy birthday Kristy!!! <3

  3. wow! caaaay...lehb....i had nooo clue u had it in you :)

  4. Thanks for making me cry at work. Ass. :)

  5. I didn't cry, but I am touched. Best birthday present ever. I hope we get to bicker for many years to come.



  6. You both deserve it, and more!

    And you should all go hug ALL your friends!

    PS don't expect this kind of sappiness from me again. We're going back to zombies, womanizing, and Somali Pirates!

    Ok, and a few other things.

  7. Amen to that, Caleb. Beautiful post.
    Not only are you lucky to have such friends, but you clearly are one, or you wouldn't be able to keep such company.

    Happy Birthday, Super K's!

  8. well put. Now get back to the crazy stuff ;)

  9. Beautiful.

    This post is what life's about. Thanks for sharing and cheers to amazing people!

    p.s. Sending it today! I've given myself an afternoon off and on my way home, will stop by the post office.

  10. Um, who are you & what have you done w/ Caleb? As Peroni_Grl_Beth said, "no clue u had it in you."
    And just out of curiousity, when are you ever considered a "wise old man?"

  11. Do cousins count? I love you man!