Thursday, July 29, 2010

Entry 64: Caleb Gets His First Hater!


As you may know, I have another side-blog that I keep updated with the worst (read: best) innuendos in the world.  News, conversations, blogs; it's all fair game to me.  If you haven't checked it out yet, do so right Meow!

Honestly, I thought that with all the shenanigans and crap I put on this blog that I would have hate some hater comments by now.  Oddly enough it hasn't happened yet.  Oh well.

But it did happen on my other site, "I'm Telling Your Mom!"

I hadn't checked any of my comments for a while (I didn't know you had to subscribe to your own stinkin' site to see them!) and yesterday I decided to see what was there.  I found this gem!

First, I'll give you the innuendo in question (it's a pretty good one, too)

"Hopefully he won't be lame anymore. Right now his stride is pretty short and choppy. He's not totally lame or anything, just... Off. :-/ So, I've just been riding him lightly lately. Just walking and trotting a little bareback, because he'll get totally out of shape if I just give him time off for too long." --

Not bad, right?  I like to tell people on their blog when I'm using something from their site (so they can check and see if they win ITYM of the year of course) and the owner of this blog posted under my comment section:

Lydia said... 

I'd really appreciate it if you would stop totally abusing the blogs of people from the equestrian world. It's totally immature, especially without asking permission to borrow the quotes first. I don't appreciate you borrowing these quotes, and I'm sure the other people with equestrian based blogs don't either. Our phrases are not intended to be interpreted in this totally sick, mindless fashion the way you interpret them. In fact, your whole blog is completely ludicrous. I'm surprised an adult (or can I even say that) like you would be so immature as to do something like this, and twist our quotes into something horrendous. It's abusive, annoying, and frankly quite stupid. Please stop. Thank you. :)
~Lydia (just for reference so you never so much at copy my quotes again) 

Righto then!   I was rubbing my hands in anticipation of a snappy retort, but when I checked her blog again I saw that she was only in 8th grade.  Can't be that mean to an 8th grader, right?

So I thought my response was appropriate.  I was a little nervous since I was fending off my first hate mail.

Caleb said... Ha! Just saw this.

Hi Lydia,

While- legally speaking- re-posting a quote from someone's blog is fine as long as you aren't claiming it as your own original content, I will, due to your indignant and self-righteous email, refrain from using your blog again for any purpose on this site. You're welcome!

However, don't make the mistake of generalizing all horse riders as humorless fussy-shorts; I happen to know several that are quite funny and even allow themselves to occasionally watch "The Office." Seen it? Good show.

This site is not only entertaining, but is also a public-awareness campaign. If you don't realize what your comments sound like to certain types of people (those whose humor stagnated at about 7th grade- approx. 36% of the population) you are bound to repeat them and face merciless laughter from we hooligans. I'm just trying to save you the trouble.

So I suppose your comment is out of contention for ITYM of the year. For shame!

I take it you won't be following this site?

Stay safe on that horse,


Not bad, right?

Caleb "I picked on an 8th grader" Shreves

PS reminds me of when I told off the curly headed f*ck on my Pittsburgh trip! (Entry 33)


  1. Bring those eighth grade bitches down a level.

  2. What a snot! Go ride your horse Lydia... and stop being a wuss.

    I loved your return comment Caleb. Nice.

  3. 13 year old's are such twat-waffles.

  4. Twat-waffles? I like it.

    When I told Krust about this exchange, she says:

    "Did you tell her that she's probably never going to get laid?"

    How old does a kid have to be before you can really pick them?

  5. An eighth grader who uses the word equestrian freely?

    Hmm..she will never get laid, unless it's by Bill Nye's grandson.

    & just because she's in 8th grade it doesn't excuse her for being a cadoodle. They've all seen Mean Girls.

    But she and her horse will get over it, and ride merrily into the sunset.

  6. You can use that term freely if you'd like. I grant you permission.

  7. Since this is summer, does that mean she is a freshman now? Mocking high school kids is a whole lot more PC than mocking junior high kids....

  8. "Hmm..she will never get laid, unless it's by Bill Nye's grandson."


    You twat-waffles are full of good comments. And yes, high school ups the mocking to a new level.
    Bring it on!

  9. I think you should try to incorporate twat-waffle into your next post. But that's just my opinion.